With all of the hemp extracts on the market it can be overwhelming to choose one that is right for you. I’ve created a checklist here to guide you to find a product that is most likely to be effective and safe to use. Scroll down for more info on the Hemp product that I use and endorse, which offers a money-back guarantee.

Hemp Product Checklist

1. Is it Broad Spectrum or just a CBD isolate? As you learned in the module on terpenes and the entourage effect, it’s important to have a wide variety of terpenes and cannabinoids in your product so that it provides a synergistic effect on your endocannabinoid system.



2.  Does it provide lab tests? Hemp is what’s known as a remediation plant, meaning it pulls toxins from the soil. This is why it is so important that the hemp product you consume can provide independent 3rd party lab reports on all batches. Hemp products can contain heavy metals, pesticides, molds and other myco-toxins, not something you want to consume!

3. Delivery Method and Absorption. This is something that most consumers do not think much about, yet it is one of the most important features in a product. Delivery method refers to the type of product it is (gummy, oil, vape, tincture, etc…). Some delivery methods are better absorbed by the body than others. For example, an oil or a gummy will take a while to work and much of the medicinal properties will be lost in the digestive process. A vape will give you almost immediate absorption into the blood supply, but might be harsh on the lungs. I’ve found that a nano-liposomal, or water soluble formulation is my preferred method of ingestion due to it’s ultra-fast absorption.

4. Is the company reputable?  It’s important to buy from a company that holds a high standard for their products and provides amazing customer support. 

5. Is there a money back guarantee?  Investing in a hemp product is an investment in our health. What if the product doesn’t do anything for you? Will you end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to find a product that works? I highly recommend going with a product that has a money back guarantee. 


My Product Recommendation

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